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I was born and brought up in India and moved to Australia in 2007.  I worked in Emergency and Anaesthesia before I moved to Australia.  Being sick of unpredictable weather and struggles in Melbourne, I moved to Rockhampton in 2009.  I have been working in the Rockhampton Emergency department since then.  I decided to become a GP because I like looking after patients over a long term, providing continuity BUT I also like the thrill of Emergency Department.

I have completed various studies – diploma in child health, fellowship in rural and remote medicine, diploma in dermatology, certificate in advanced skin surgery and various emergency courses.

I am a father to 2 children – my son born in 2008 and my daughter born in 2015.  My wife is busy looking after our family, our 2 children and sometimes me as the biggest kid of them all. I have been happily married for more than 10 years.

My interests include emergency medicine and chronic disease management like asthma, diabetes, general skin conditions and skin cancer.  I like to manage complex problems.  I don’t mind seeing acute emergencies here locally.  I believe in disease prevention especially in certain population groups including Indigenous Peoples.

My aim is to provide the best medical service to the Gracemere Population.